Southern Fruit Growers


We base our business on:

  • A 12-month marketing season and an extensive product range which meets international customer demands;
  • Continuity of supply which ensures ongoing fresh deliveries throughout the season;
  • Sufficient volumes which allow the company to access preferred programmes and reduce cost due to the economy of scale;
  • A strong team of skilled people and experienced in product knowledge and product handling that add value to growers and customers;
  • Building and nurturing lasting alliances with suppliers, customers and clients, which provide a joint focus and benefit and give our receivers access to a wider range of products throughout the year.
  • We embrace change by adapting to the ever changing circumstances within the fruit industry

Our people are our most important resource

Our experienced and skilled team are our most important resource. We encourage our people to grow with the company and our long-term strategy is that together, this dynamic, motivated team will continuously take our company forward.